Img_9568The suspect vehicle on Route 36 in Eatontown at about noon.


Red Bank police apparently had a hand in the arrest of man suspected of robbing a Bank of America branch on Route 35 in Middletown late this morning.

No official word is yet available, but the suspect was reported on police radio transmissions to be — no joke — a one-armed man.

Img_9569That’s Red Bank Capt. Pete DeFazio, far right, conferring with law enforcers at the scene of the arrest.

The robbery occurred at about 11:45a. The suspect was said to have passed a note without showing a weapon.

One of the witnesses to either the crime or the escape was reported to be a retired police officer, who was able to give a description of the suspect or the getaway car, a burgundy Chevy Cavalier.

Red Bank police got involved in the hunt for the suspect after a report that he had crossed in the borough on the Cooper Bridge.

We don’t know who, but a Red Bank officer headed west on Newman Springs Road, and then south on the Parkway, after a report that the vehicle might have been seen there.

Meantime, a check on the license plate indicated the car was registered to someone on Wykoff Road.

After exiting the Parkway at 105 to check the address, the officer reported spotting the vehicle and later, that the suspect was in custody.

Red Bank Capt. Pete DeFazio was on the scene when redbankgreen arrived moments later.

Of course, we’ll have full details once they become available.

A branch of Sun National Bank on Sycamore Avenue in Shrewsbury was robbed eight days ago by a man who passed a note to a teller and got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

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