Democratic party swells who plan to rub elbows with presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama at the Navesink chateau of popstar Bon Jovi Friday evening will lay out $28,500 for the privilege, today’s Star-Ledger reports.

First, there’s the $2,300 cocktail reception (sans Obama) at the Blossom Cove Road home of Democratic national finance chairman Phil Murphy. Guests will then head east not quite two miles to chez Bovi for a dinner that Obama will attend.

The prices reflect the maximum donation to a general election candidate ($2,300) and to a national party ($28,500), the Sledger reports. The paper doesn’t estimate the number of attendees.

From the report:

The events at the two Jersey Shore homes will boost the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee run by Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Both are also being co-hosted by Gov. Jon Corzine…

New Jersey has already provided Obama a steady spigot of cash: the Democrat had raised $5.9 million here as of June compared to $2.8 million for Republican opponent John McCain, according to Federal Election Commission data…

So far, the Garden State’s dollars haven’t translated into many high-profile public campaign events — like rallies and speeches — from either side. While McCain’s campaign has insisted it will compete hard here despite Obama’s lead in statewide polls, neither candidate has spent much time in New Jersey compared with swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Motorists who normally travel Navesink River Road may be best advised not to.

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