Two weeks ago, it was double-chocolate doughnuts and average-Joe joe.

Last week: “Banana-Macadamia Nut Crusted Halibut Filet” and “Maytag Blue Cheese Crusted Angus Sirloin.”

Following up on our detail from the door of the newly renovated Dunkin’ Donuts on Maple Avenue in Red Bank (which brought in a record number of emails), we stuck to the food-and-branding theme and headed over to Raven and the Peach restaurant in Fair Haven, where we caught a closeup bit of the raven’s beak and eye from the sign out front.

Pam Borghi, Larry Quigley and Tom Otter recognized it. Thanks for writing in, folks.

We expect to be awash again in correct answers this week. You know, right? If you think so, or want to take a guess, send us an email, please.

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