OK, we plead guilty to a clunker of a headline.

But we suspect a lot of Fair Havenites may be using that catchphrase in coming days, now that the long-debated cell tower is up and running.

The fact that the slogan belongs to a company whose antenna is not yet on the pole is another matter.

T-Mobile, the first of three wireless carriers expected to install equipment on the tower, has gone live, Mayor Mike Halfacre reports on his blog.

Verizon Wireless and AT&T are expected to follow suit. But just in case, Halfacre is urging residents to

call their carriers and ask/complain about service in Fair Haven. We need to continue to encourage these companies to make an investment in this tower, as the current economy may cause them to invest or not invest, elsewhere.

The tower is located on the grounds of the Christ Church United Methodist Church between the Fair Haven Fields ballfields and nature area, and is pretty well hidden by trees. Driving along Ridge Road, passersby get only a quick glimpse of the 140-foot tower’s top peeking above the treeline.

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