ObamawitnessesThe new president recited the oath of office, and Red Bank tuned in.

They interrupted their usual routines and silenced their lunchtime chatter to watch, their eyes drawn to television screens and the making of what all agreed was American history.

redbankgreen gathered the impressions of witnesses to the inauguration of
President Barack Obama at four Red Bank locales yesterday: Pilgrim Baptist Church and Frank Talk Art Bistro & Books on Shrewsbury Avenue; the Bagel Station on Monmouth Street; and Zebu Forno on Broad Street.

Read on to get a taste of what was being thought and felt.

Almentia williams
Almentia Williams, Long Branch It’s so exciting I can’t stand my own self. It’s so much, it just makes me want to cry.

Jamal watts
Jamal Watts, Long Branch
I have older family members who thought they would never see this. To
see this change is American history — this is great. I just hope he
stands firm on the promises he made.

Earl & yvonne baisden
Earl Baisden, Red Bank The dream is possible. I don’t think Martin Luther King’s dream is complete, but there is hope. Yvonne Baisden, Red Bank It’s history. It’s so good to see him in the chair.

Conor delaney & courtney geissler
Conor Delaney (left), Red Bank It’s good to get a little bit of change after the last eight years. Courtney Geissler, Reading, Pa. I think the country’s ready for change. It’s well overdue. People are looking for answers — that’s the main thing.

Karin lund
Karin Lund, Pittsburgh, Pa. It’s an opportunity for us to come together as a nation and look at problems and solve them together. We need to come together as a country.

Mary boynton
Mary Boynton, Red Bank This is history — I keep telling my children and grandchildren. I never dreamed this would happen.

Michelle andrews
Michelle Andrews, Red Bank (with 11-month-old son, Nathanael) I don’t have a TV, and my neighbor’s away, but Obama’s so inspiring, I didn’t want to miss this. I think our country needs inspiration and hope.

Pam nicolajsen
Pam Nicolajsen, Red Bank When I was growing up, my mother insisted this would never happen. It’s not equality, but it’s probably the most historic moment of the 21st century so far. I want us to get to the point where this isn’t a historic event.

Raymona livingston
Raymona Livingston, Red Bank It’s all our ancestors — the Rosa Parks, the Harriet Tubmans, the Martin Luther Kings — who fought to get us to this point. This is the beginning of the bigger picture — for everyone to be united.

Richard colavechio
Richard Colavechio, Red Bank It’s like the Cinderella story — the six white horses are going to turn to mice at midnight, when he’ll have to face all these problems. Boy, does he have a job in front of him. But I have a good feeling he’s going to pull it off. I’m hoping for him.

Robert wickes
Robert Wickes, Long Branch In my lifetime, I saw what I call the prophet — Martin Luther King, Jr. His words were projected to now. His hand is all over this day.

Donna scales
Donna Scales, Elizabeth I’m feeling proud, like this is an opportunity for us to do as he does — to continue on in our neighborhoods. It’s a great day for America.

Solomon adeyefa
Solomon Adeyefa, Red Bank This is my first time watching an inauguration. It’s really opened my eyes to positive things. The young people like myself need to become more involved.

Theresa horan
Theresa Horan, Atlantic Highlands
I love the way Obama represents so many different things — he knows what it’s like to be biracial, he knows what it’s like to grow up the child of a single mother, he’s from the middle class. Who could be more perfect for our time?

William & glenda calloway
William Calloway, Long Branch The only thing I can tell you is this: I am glad to live to see this day. Glenda Calloway, Long Branch I’m just so overwhelmed. This means so much to me. It means a change.

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