Rumson hash
Jim Fitzmaurice leads an apparently coherent group of runners out of the Red Bank train station Saturday morning…

Thirty years of weekly runs, and still they have no idea where the hell they’re going.

…but just two blocks later, some of the runners have become walkers while others scramble to find the next turn marker.

They’re the Rumson Hash House Harriers, an all-male, ever-evolving group of runners. Or, in the lingo of hashers worldwide, “drinkers with a running problem.”

That they don’t know where they’re going is not a problem. One of the runners, the hare, has previously marked out a trail in sporadic and sometimes difficult-to-find markings on the ground in baking flour. It’s up to the rest to connect the dots.

“Runners” amble along at their own pace, some barely above walking speed. By custom, each outing ends at a tavern. Saturday’s ended at the Walt Street Pub.

New (male) members of the Rumson group are welcome. The Saturday runs go off at 10:17a sharp, or soon after. Call the RH3 hotline at 732.219.0301 to find out where the fun starts.

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