The item highlighted in last week’s ‘Where‘ seems to have something of a doppleganger nearby, leading our respondents to split their answers.

About half of those who wrote in thought the pictures showed lighting fixtures at the Salt Creek Grille in Rumson.

Actually, as the other half knew (or guessed), they’re of lighting fixtures at Nauvoo Grill Club in Fair Haven.

A big thanks for writing in to Peter Neczesny, Chris Meagher, Mike Halfacre, Cathi Swett (who thought the pix were “awesome”), Jenn Woods, Sue McLaughlin, Dayna Stein, John Patton, Diane Carlton, Joseph Sapienza, J.C. Kelly and Jackie Patterson, who loves the Craftsman architecture at Nauvoo.

How about this week’s entry? If you think you can GPS it, shoot us an email, please.

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