Musclemaker2‘The Godfather,’ a chicken dish from the low-carb section of the menu.

Musclemaker1Stores and other businesses may still be slinking out of Red Bank in the dead of night, but there are signs of economic strength, too.

The latest is the bizarrely-named Muscle Maker Grill, a restaurant that opened its West Front Street doors on Wednesday.

Part of a chain that traces its roots to a protein-shake stand opened in Colonia 14 years ago, Muscle Maker is positioning itself as a purveyor of healthy foods. Its menu features lean meats, low-fat cheeses and vegetables.

Shown above: the ‘Godfather,’ a slab of grilled chicken breast on a bed of broccoli and slathered in portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, light balsamic vinegar and low-fat mozzarella. Price: $8.95.

Here’s the menu.

The company, which franchises its locations, appears to be in the midst of a major expansion in New Jersey.

The Red Bank restaurant is at 38 West Front, between the Elks Club and WorkOutWorld.

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