Here’s our second winner in this new feature, which aims to spotlight reader comments posted in redbankgreen that say something well, whether or not we agree with the substance of the post.

This week’s selection appeared below an article reporting that Red Bank officials are mulling the possibility of making government employees take three unpaid days off by the end of the year. Posted by ‘notsureanymore,’ it drew a mix of support and rejection, with one poster calling it “petty” and another labeling it “disrepectful.”

I understand belt tightening.  I am living it personally. That said, can someone please explain the need this past weekend for the posting of police on rt 35/Riverside Dr for the viewing of ex mayor McKenna’s departed wife….rest her soul in peace.

This may be a bit trivial to some or many but…. Rt 35 was reduced to 1 lane in each direction with our police manning posts on both the north and south bound portions of the roadway (front of Day funeral home and the Molly) this past Sat and Sun. A traffic cone walkway was set up to (I suppose)allow mourners parking at the Molly safe crossing to the viewing. All weekend I kept wondering why this was needed, what this must be costing and who was paying for it. If this was tax payer funded it further raises the question in my mind that we are rapidly spiraling toward a permanent two tiered society, the “paid” public service/politically entitled class and the “we the people” portion.  We call folks who work for our government entities public service employees.  lets not forget they are in most cases very well compensated for their “service”.  Are the rest of us considered private “service” employees or is it private “sector”, just the difference in terminology suggests a class difference?

In no way am I being disrespectful to the McKenna family, I feel sad for their loss, however no greater sadness than I feel for any other family that loses a loved one.  This post is not about that.   The throngs of visitors that may have been anticipated to pay their respects for the passing of a local politicians spouse never developed. Perhaps because it was a 2 day  viewing.  Costs have dictated most private sector citizens services are now relegated to 1 day events. Was it necessary to disrupt vehicular traffic on a busy state road while diverting highly paid law enforcment professionals to mere crossing guard duty for a few “special” people?  Would a private sector person recieve the same arrangements gratice?

My question is was this paid for by the McKenna family or was it taxpayer funded? I understand dignitaries often get special treatment but this seemed a bit over the top. Especially in light of todays belt tightening economic environment, note above srticle.

Please accept this post as an observation and a question as it relates to spending and class distinction.  This is not meant to be partisan, incendiary or a shot at law enforcement.