Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit takes a short trip over to the baybreeze-kissed waterfront walkways of the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Marina, where this Saturday the Bayshore borough plays host to a uniquely arty cultural offering — one that’s nonetheless described by us as “more Mayberry than Manhattan.”


Presented outdoors with an “old-fashioned hometown party” that features strolling jugglers, free popcorn and contests galore, the first-ever FilmOneFest brings together dozens of film and video works from creative folks based everywhere from Monmouth County to Eastern Europe — the hook being that every one of the featured flicks (such as Blink, a frame of which is pictured at right, by local student Connor Hughes) is no more than sixty seconds in length, “including titles and credits.”

Check Red Bank oRBit for the up-to-the-minute rundown on the fast-film fun, including Sunday’s awards reception and rainy-day contingency plan. Then look to The Orb for daily reminders of free outdoor screenings, library film discussions, special events at area moviehouses and the ongoing events in the Jersey Shore Film Festival. It’s all here, cinemaphiles, from the full-frame aspect ratio to the spaces between the sprockets.