Children in the surf at the borough’s public beach this morning.

For at least the third time in little more than a week, a whale was sighted off the beach at Sea Bright this morning, witnesses tell redbankgreen.

Witnesses said the animal passed several north beach swim clubs heading south about 80 yards offshore at about 8:30.

It appeared to turn seaward as it reached the Sea Bright public beach, they said, and was no longer visible shortly after 9a.

Assistant borough chief lifeguard Jon Holmes tells redbankgreen that he and his crew missed this morning’s appearance, as they arrived for work at about 9.

But the whale, or whales, have shown up three times since July 5, when one spent about 45 minutes trolling back and forth along the shore, coming as close as 15 feet to the beach, he said.

Holmes said he last saw the animal when it spewed water from its blowhole last Friday off the area of Merri-Makers Caterers about a half-mile south of the public beach.

Witnesses noted several large schools of fish feeding just offshore as likely attractions for the mammal.