Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit confirms what you’ve heard — Bruce is back at the Basie, tonight only!

We’re talking Bruce Hornsby, of course — who did you think, Bruce Cockburn? — and those who’ve followed his career past the platinum 1980s know to expect nothing less than the unexpected from this ever-evolving, self-challenging captain of the Steinway and all who sail with it.


Also in oRBit, a conversation with cult-favorite singer and songwriter Rachel Garlin (right), a performer who’s been known to tour the country in a van powered by french fry grease — a feat that’s netted her an underground hit (“Alternative Fuel”) and a spot of honor on radio’s number one maker of chartbusters, Click and Clack’s Car Talk.

The LA-based Garlin rolls into Monmouth County this weekend for a public-invited house party at “Hany’s Place,” a benefit for our pals at the Arts Coalition of Asbury Park (ArtsCAP) and all the things they do to enhance your life — whether or not you live in AP, and whether or not you even know it.

Read all about it, in the paperless pages of  Red Bank oRBit.