hot-topic1 Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre, who’s running for Congress in 2010, has scheduled a public forum on President Obama’s national health insurance plan — to be held 90 minutes earlier, and in the same place, as one hosted by the incumbent Halfacre hopes to unseat.

Halfacre’s campaign today announced what’s billed as the “Open to All Town Hall” scheduled for Wednesday, August 26, at the Middletown Arts Center.

The event, slated to start at 5:30p, will be held outside the venue, weather permitting. That’s the same place where 12th-district Rep. Rush Holt, a Democrat, is scheduled to hold his own town hall at 7:30p. Holt’s is to be indoors.

From the announcement:

Halfacre said his event was designed make sure that people who oppose Obamacare get a chance to speak their minds.

“After the intial blowback of the first townhalls, you now have lawmakers intentionally scheduling these meetings in small rooms, you have lawmakers packing the room with supporters bused in from outside the district to ensure that everyday people aren’t given their full chance to speak. I want to make sure that people have a chance to speak their minds without worrying whether or not they get into Rush Holt’s meeting, or depending on Holt staffers to call on them.”

Here’s the full press release: 090820-townhall-pr