Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit proves conclusively that musicians, no matter what they play, just can’t bear to leave the stage without one more encore.

Case in point: Red Bank’s own Joe Muccioli, the jazz impresario, pianist, arranger, conductor and scholar whose Summer Jazz Cafe series drew to a close this past weekend — or did it? No sooner had the last note faded than the man called Mooch decreed a special bonus weekend of jam sessions at River’s Edge Café — sets that promise some “special guests and surprises” from Joe’s formidable Little Black Book of contacts. We’ve got the rundown right here.


Then there’s The Chronic Sick, the 1980s Jersey Shore punk rock band fronted by snotnose teen (turned high school history teacher) Greg “Gory” Macolino (right). With the Sick’s old records fetching upwards of a thousand dollars apiece on eBay — and pockets of fervent fans springing up around the nation — the time is ripe for the now middle-aged mates to finish their never-completed 1982 album, and hit the road on their first real tour. We’ve got an exclusive interview with the band, on the eve of their show at the Brighton Bar — the legendary Long Branch spawning ground that’s now co-owned by Macolino himself.

Be kind to your bartenders and wait staff; our name is Red Bank oRBit — and we’ll be here all week!