faux-accident-2A photo crew relaxing near the scene of a staged crash in Red Bank this morning.

It looks, at first glance, like a pretty bad wreck.


faux-accident-1Members of the crew prepare a second wrecked vehicle for the photo shoot at the intersection of Broad Street and East Bergen Place.

The aftermath of what appears to be a two-car smashup at a key Red Bank intersection is staged, involving pre-damaged cars and an amply-indulged photo crew, complete with a custom bus, directors’ chairs, and catering.

People with the crew were mum about their project, except to say that they’re doing a photo shoot for Liberty Mutual insurance, and that they expected to be on scene most of the day.

“We have a lot of variations to shoot, in a lot of lighting conditions,” said a guy named Brian, who declined to give redbankgreen his last name but said he was in charge.

Real police were on the scene directing real traffic through the setup.