Once again, we’re glad to see so many good candidates for Comment of the Week in our files from last week. Thanks to everyone who posted something.

The comments we highlight here need not be shining examples of argument and the art of persuasion. Spelling, grammar and punctuation aren’t all that important, either. What we’re looking for is civility and a sincere interest in contributing to discussion of public issues.

The comment below was posted by “Lesley” beneath our article about the Cedar Crossing affordable-housing project getting $400,000 in a construction grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York.

Something about it makes us think it reflects the way the majority of readers react to stories that get a select few commenters all riled up: that the sky is not, in fact, falling.

Mike I agree with you, and thanks for not being too harsh with me which is the reason why I usually do not comment, only read ’em. I know about hand outs, as I am a full time social worker and have to deal with the fact daily that many of the people I seek to help are simply looking for them. I just feel more should be done for other populations but the rich and this 36 unit project does not seem like the worst thing in the world to me and the supposition that the town is quickly turning into rahway is utterly ridiculous. But kicking out slumlords and cleaning up the neglected homes sounds great too.

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