That’s cabaret crooner and top-shelf nightclub entertainer Eddie Bruce (right), the Philly-based star whose acclaimed appearances in Manhattan and AC haven’t stopped him from making the Shore part of a balanced diet of regional touring. The singer — who some of you might recall as the original host of the 1980s Philly TV show Dancing On Air — brings his special tribute to the artistry of Tony Bennett back to Tim McLoone’s on the Asbury boardwalk this week, and today’s Red Bank oRBit has a fun conversation with this young performer who’s got a surprisingly long history in show business.

A New York City serenade of a different sort is going on over at New Jersey Repertory Company, where the hard-hitting drama The Rant opens later this week as the latest original new work on display at that fighting professional stage. Penned by a former caseworker for NYC’s Civilian Complaint Review Board (the people forever caught in the no-man’s-land between the city police and the public), the play looks at the elusive “truth” of a  tragic shooting incident, through the perspectives of a harried caseworker, a grieving mother, a police officer and a tabloid reporter. We talked to director Jesse Ontiveros in an attempt to piece it all together: we hand it all back to you, fair and balanced, and you decide, only in Red Bank oRBit!