The curtain has come down, the receipts have been totted up and the reviews are in on last week’s Where Have I Seen This?

In sum: boffo.

We had quite a turnout. Thanks to Alicia, Pete DeFazio, Les Hathaway, Tom Doremus, Stew Goldstein, John Ekdahl, Joyce Strange, Alfred Weiss, Matthew Borowski, Numa Saisselin (who really should know), the Colmorgen Kids, Neil Spencer, Mario Cirillo, Cathi Swett, Tom Labetti (“that looks like a really good spot for a pre-concert beer garden”), Sandra Talarico, Mark Molzon, Fred Blumberg (who dipped into history and called it “the side of the Carlton“), Jason Erin, Carol Gerber, Trish DePonti, J.C. Kelly and Joe Sapienza for writing in.

One of those folks thought the photo showed “the Eisner Building, at the corner of Monmouth and Bridge.” We’re not sure if he meant the Eisner Building, which is the home to the Galleria at Red Bank, at the corner of West Front Street and Bridge Avenue, or the Anderson Building, at Monmouth and Bridge. But that’s moot.

Another referred to it as “the back of Buona Sera.” Close enough.

Of course, the correct answer is the west side of the Carlton, ahem Count Basie Theatre on Monmouth Street in Red Bank.

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