Let’s see: we’ve got an Amy Winehouse, a Beyoncé,  a pair of Spice Girls, a Marc Anthony, a Jennifer Lopez, two Flavor Flavs and a Willie Nelson.

Yep, we got ourselves a band.

Actually, throw in a few other ersatz celebs — and an actual UPS guy —and we’ve also got ‘Dress Like a Celebrity Day,’ which took hold at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High yesterday.

The event was part of Spirit Week, aimed at stirring the mood for Homecoming Weekend. Monday, for example, was ‘Pajama Day,” and on Wednesday, ‘Clash Day,’ in which a premium was put on unfashionable garishness.

The week culminates today with ‘Purple Pride’ heading into tonight’s home football game against Shore Regional. R-FH’s Bulldogs are 4-0 for the first time since 2006. The game is at Borden Stadium at 7p.