In one of his greatest-hit bits, funnyman Patton Oswalt described the peculiarly American artifact known as the KFC Famous Bowl as “a failure pile in a sadness bowl.” With the standup guy (right) on the verge of big things — and even being taken seriously as a dramatic actor for his sensational turn in the indie film Big Fan — life might seem like one big Success Pile as he comes to the Happiness Bowl of the Count Basie for a Friday night set.

Here at Red Bank oRBit, we call him “Patton Pending,” though, as tickets to see the great and powerful “Os” are available for as little as $19.50 each — a most affordable price for a national act at the Count’s crib, and a great incentive to see this breakout act before he, you know, breaks out.

That’s not all that’s going on beneath the shadow of the Boss this weekend. We’ve got a couple of TV faces (Kate Voegele, Michael Boatman) in Asbury, the amazing Alejandro Escovedo at Monmouth University, Quirky Movies and (local teen singer) Quincy Mumford, plus poetry slams and sounds ranging from classical to Celtic to crooning to ‘coustic.

Think of it as our very own Famous Bowl; a merry mash-up of tastes and textures you’ll find nowhere else but in the pixelated pages of Red Bank oRBit!