Draw whatever inference you will from the notion of hordes of shambling, lurching social networkers crying out for “braaaains:” there’s no denying that zombies are big business these days, both at the box office and in the hearts of an alienated generation (they’re also cheap and plentiful).

Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit has an interview with the Jersey Shore’s own King of the Zombies, Jason Meehan, as he his wife Christine prepare to wrangle what’s shaping up to be a record-setting installment of the Asbury Park Zombie Walk events they started just one year ago. It’s an offering that’s grown so quickly, in fact, they’ve rebranded it as New Jersey Zombie Walk — and the “JerZombies” will walk again this Saturday, on the boards and boulevards of the city that was itself written off for dead not so long ago.

As Dorothy Creamer reports, it’s just one part of a whole day and night of living-dead thrills that includes zombie beauty pageants, brain-eating contests, zombie movies and a live recreation of Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller.” Even the Shore’s resident roller derby squad will be psyching out their opponents in zombie get-up, and yes, you probably read that here first.

It’s all in there, with even MORE weekend weirdness in the days to come, ONLY in Red Bank oRBit.