Cowboys in downtown Long Branch? Sounds pretty far-fetched, but it’s not without precedent. As New Jersey Repertory Company prepares to mount the first previews of the psychological Western drama Dead Ringer, we remind you that Dodge City was home to the real life Long Branch Saloon, a name that also found its way to Miss Kitty’s establishment on Gunsmoke. In fact, Marshal Dillon and company have their own surprising connection to NJ Rep — as do Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull. We’ll let you chaw on that a spell when you mosey on over to Red Bank oRBit.

Today’s edition of our satellite arts and entertainment site has the lowdown on Ringer, the latest world premiere work for the stage to make its debut right in our back yard. We’ll talk to the director about why the long form beats The Hard Way — and why it was so crucial to find a leading lady who works well with her hands.

All this, plus some midweek tips on diversions that range from seductive still-lifes and pay-less Prokofiev to poetic patriarchs, storefront serenaders, Third Thursdays and your minimum weekly allotment of Shimmytang — only in Red Bank oRBit.