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Responding to chatter about last Friday’s incident at Red Bank Regional High, in which four young men entered the school in an alleged attempt to settle a score with a student, administrators have issued a statement “to address the facts to end any misinformation and speculation that may still exist,” a school spokeswoman says.

None of the four men arrested was armed, the statement says, echoing an assertion by the Little Silver police. And “the purpose of the trespass pertained to a personal female-male relationship issue,” the statement says.

In addition, the school’s front doors are are being outfitted with a new keyless entry system with card readers which is set for completion by early November, according to the announcement.

All four, who have been previously identified by name as residents of Long Branch and Bradley Beach, “were were alumni of St Rose High School in Belmar. There was absolutely no gang connection to the incident.”


Consequently, during an assembly planned for this week’s Violence and Vandalism Awareness Week, Principal Stefankiewicz spoke directly to the students about the incident stressing that the high school building security is everyone’s responsibility. He encouraged them to immediately find a staff member if they see someone trying to enter the building who is not a student. Superintendent Dr. Edward Westervelt has also sent home a letter to all parents explaining the incident and asking for reinforcement of the shared responsibility message the principal delivered.

Consequently, the school’s front doors are currently under construction for a new keyless entry system with card readers which is set for completion by early November. Security guards are currently stationed at the temporary side entrance and will be stationed at the front to buzz in visitors to the building when the project is finished. Additional security cameras have recently been added to the interior and exterior of the building. The project was funded 40% by a state grant.

Here’s the statement: trespass-incident1