A trio of Urban Outfitters fans, led by Middletown resident Amie Falk, walk out of the store happy on its opening day Thursday. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi)


They¬† pulled the hulking glass door and trickled into Red Bank’s most anticipated business. They were greeted by a cadre of upbeat employees and set loose into a few thousand square-feet of the area’s newest hip retail wonderland.

And for those customers who hit Urban Outfitters in its first couple hours on Thursday, the experience didn’t disappoint.

“It was great,” said Amie Falk, of Middletown, summing up her shopping experience.

Falk arranged to meet with friends at the store for a morning of shopping, and by the time the group was finished, they came to a conclusion that will sound like music to local merchants.

“This store will definitely bring me to Red Bank more often,” said Darlene Weltman, of Atlantic Highlands.

urban-james1James Delucia, of Middletown, makes his first trip into Urban Outfitters on its opening day Thursday. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi)

Before Thursday, Weltman and Falk had two options to obtain the coveted clothes and wares Urban Outfitters has to offer: Either go to the city or shop online. But each had its drawbacks, Weltman said.

“We always went to the city, and that’s a little inconvenient. And ordering online, you can’t try anything on,” she said. “So we were very happy to hear there’s a local location.”

The group was also happy to oblige a curious redbankgreen reporter by partaking in a mini fashion show to give an idea of what Urban’s selling, since corporate policy doesn’t allow media in the store. Denise Herbert, of Hazlet, showed off a plastic hamburger that’s actually a telephone. Falk pulled out a button-down flannel, a necklace and then propped a small black dress to her front side with a smile.

Before heading into the store, 23-year-old James Delucia had two goals in mind: See if there’s anything worth buying and applying for a DJ’ing job he heard may open up. Besides being a fan of their alternative-style clothes, Delucia said he’s also excited that Urban will help bring more people to Backward Glances, where he works in between being a DJ.

“I feel like the same kind of people who shop here would also shop over there,” he said. “I think it’s going to do good for Red Bank.”