copter-12Red Bank and Riverview Medical Center emergency workers transfer Alla Tsiring to a helicopter for transport to Neptune Monday. (Click to enlarge)

The driver in the accident that left a pedestrian pinned beneath an SUV on Broad Street on Monday has been charged with motor vehicle violations, Red Bank police say.

Meanwhile, the victim remains hospitalized in Neptune.

According to police, 44-year-old office worker Alla Tsiring of Staten Island was in the crosswalk and crossing Broad from west to east when she was struck by the SUV driven by Diana Palma, 37, of Red Bank.

Police say Palma was turning left from East Bergen Place onto Broad at the time.

Here’s the latest from Captain Darren McConnell, who serves as both head of the traffic safety unit and department spokesman:

Ms. Tsiring is still listed in critical condition at Jersey Shore
Medical Center. The driver has been charged with Failure to Yield to a
Pedestrian and Careless Driving. At this time there is no indication
that the driver was on the phone at the time of the incident, however we
are going to examine her phone records as part of the investigation.