Now that the agita-inducing quasi-holiday known as Valentine’s Day is bearing down upon us, it’s only fitting that we seek relationship advice from those rare couples who’ve lived and loved and worked together since long before that first mile of internet wiring was strung. In today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit, we take our questions directly to one of the longest-running couples of show business.

Having been introduced by their agent and married on Merv Griffin‘s old TV show, Renée Taylor and Joseph Bologna have certainly gone the distance with each other, both personally and professionally. Married over 44 years, the playwrights/directors/actors (you know her as Fran’s mom on The Nanny; him from My Favorite Year and other major movie roles) are coming to the Count Basie Theatre for a touring performance of their autobiographical comedy show known as If You Ever Leave Me…I’m Going With You!

We’ll talk to this classic team about how their own marriage has resulted in such collaborations as Lovers and Other Strangers; about those transitions from acting to writing and vice versa — and, rest assured, about their own prescription for a healthy married life and working partnership. The secret is just a click away, in Red Bank oRBit!