gary-bernstein“I’d be toast,” says Gary Bernstein of Atlantic Glass, as he looks at the live power line that landed just feet from the building’s gas supply line, below. (Click to enlarge)


A truck that took down a power line on White Street in Red Bank this morning did more than just knock out electricity to a bunch of stores and offices.

It gave Gary Bernstein, manager of the Atlantic Glass store, a reason to call his wife with what he thought was good news.

“Look,” he told redbankgreen, pointing to the live end of a power line lying in the gutter just outside his window, and just feet away from the gas feed to his building. “Two feet closer, and I’d be toast.”

Bernstein said he called to tell his wife about his close brush.

“I said, ‘You were two feet away from cashing in that life insurance policy,'” he said. “Her comment was, ‘Rats!'”

The accident tore the power line off the building that is home to a UPS store, a cigar store and other businesses, knocking out electricity. The end of White Street near Maple Avenue was closed to traffic until a crew from JCP&L could attend to it.

The truck, we’re told, did not stop.