No, it’s not an April Fool’s trick. This week’s Where is a double-take. A twofer. Twice the challenge. You gotta call out both locations. Email us your answers, please.

Thanks to these folks who wrote in to identify last week’s image: Wade Davis, Alan Fisher, Jenn Woods, the Colmorgen Kids, Ellen Clayton, Suzanne Capraro, Diane Carlton, Lindsey Hintelmann, Pat Mason, Tami & Jay Silverman, Anna Higgins, Trish DePonti and Karen Irvine.

As all but one knew, it showed a window at Merri-Makers at the Water’s Edge catering facility and beach club in Sea Bright. The lone mistaken answer was Driftwood Cabana Club, also in Sea Bright. Close enough!

And yes, Diane, this means it’s almost summer. You gotta believe, right?