harry-mahoneyHarry Mahoney, a River Road dentist, had his landmark tooth sign stolen two weeks ago. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


Red Bank’s biggest tooth has been pulled — right out of Harry Mahoney’s front lawn.

A large white sign in the shape of a molar that called attention to Mahoney’s dental practice at the corner of River Road and Prospect Avenue for the last 20 years got yanked right off the pole it was hanging from earlier this month.

Mahoney is somewhat used to sign-related mischief, to be sure. It’s the third time a tooth sign has been stolen from the property, each costing him time and money to make a new one. But he knows that some people think it might look better on their wall or in the garage than in front of the Victorian structure that is home to his practice.

“There’s not much you can do. This is at least the third time. There’s been attempts to get it before,” he said. “This time it got expensive, because they broke the pole to get it.”

As far as Mahoney’s concerned, it’s gone forever. He filed a police report, but doesn’t expect the sign to be found. Instead, he’s working on producing another one. Mahoney makes them himself in his woodshop out of balsa wood.

When he came into his office a little more than a week ago and saw the tooth was missing, he was a little ticked he’d have to make another one.

“I thought, ‘not again.’ I don’t need anymore to deal with,” he said. “I’ve got enough to do.”

The new sign is being painted and lettered. Mahoney plans on having it back up by next weekend. Meantime, he’s got patients zooming by his office because they expect to see the sign to tell them where to turn.

“I’ve had patients already end up in Fair Haven because they’ve driven right by it,” he said. “My patients like it because it’s an easy landmark to find.”