council-chambersA peek into the Red Bank council chambers, with the reflection of paperwork posted in the hallway. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


Ah, summer stagnation.

The Red Bank council met Monday night, and the agenda was L-I-G-H-T light.

Here’s a recap of the evening’s non-titillation:

  • Count Basie Field’s turf work is done. Mark the calendar: a ribbon cutting ceremony is set for 5p on September 4. If you haven’t been down there to see it, Councilwoman Sharon Lee says “it’s extremely beautiful and exciting.” One issue, though. Seems there was no foresight in terms of looking out for walkers/bikers/stroller pushers. After hearing two complaints about the lack of paths at the park, council members acknowledged they made a boo-boo in not integrating a clear track for the mobile population to get a good morning stretch in. Prior to the renovation, there was a track for people to go on. Not anymore.

But it’s on the council’s radar now, and it’s getting attention.

Councilwoman Juanita Lewis said, “We’re going to work on getting something comparable there for the walkers. Just be patient with us.”

  • The council also is targeting grant money to get bathrooms at Basie field. Resident David Prown questioned the overall bathroom situation at borough parks, but was specifically concerned about Basie because there’s a paucity of bathroom space there. Borough Administrator Stanley Sickels said the borough’s initial plan to install bathrooms there was too costly, but being that it’s grant season, Red Bank is looking into funds for lavatories. He assured Prown, “slowly but surely we’ll piecemeal this and get it together.”
  • It’ll be Women’s Equality Day on August 26 in Red Bank, a distinction Mayor Pasquale Menna is quite proud of. He’s got three women on his council — that’s 50 percent — and he likes that.

“It’s a wonderful testament to the intelligence and the vitality of Red Bank as a place to live,” he said.

  • Don’t forget that this Friday, August 27, will be the third and final installment of the borough’s furloughs. All borough offices, save for the police department, will be on mandatory vacay to accommodate the budget.