What a pleasure it is to have so many choices for this week’s Comment of the Week.

Among other places, we found posts to admire beneath our articles on the possible Shrewsbury deer hunt, the feature on the return of Red Bank Pizza after two years’ absence, and the Rumson trash-pickup coverage.

So the one we’re calling out this week is just one of a handful that might have been spotlighted. Why do we like it? It quietly challenges an attitude that’s often expressed with loud indignation, if not much evidence, and does so with a bit historical perspective but no nastiness.

The comment was posted by “dave” beneath a story — just a trio of photos, really — headlined A NIGHT OF HERITAGE, and it says:

What the heck is white heritage anyway? As a kid we learned about chanukah, I appreciated that as a Jew. We celebrated Italian Heritage around Columbus. We learned of the Irish around St. Patty’s. We studied American history every day until I graduated high school. We learned of Europe in English class as we studied all the great authors from Shakespeare to Chaucer to the modern classics. Every day was an education in American history and the ancestors of the Caucasian races. We had assemblies and Italian American festivals.

Your alarmist concept that we are erasing American or “white” heritage is so misguided it is unbelievable. Our children spend most of their time on it. I never learned an ounce of true African history until College but believe me I knew my American colonial history and the European explores and English authors backwards and forwards.

There is nothing wrong with a multi cultural event. Looks like a great evening. Can’t wait to attend with my son in the coming years.

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