Our Comment of the Week comes from beneath the story “LEHNERT LAID TO REST,” about the funeral of the late Fair Haven Councilman John Lehnert.

The very publication of the article, which included three photographs from the funeral, miffed a couple of readers, while others saw it as as respectful.

But a reader who identified herself as Claudia stayed away from that debate. Instead, she took the opportunity provided by the comments to deliver an overdue thank-you to Lehnert, who served as a Fair Haven police officer for 14 years before retiring in 2006.

Here’s her comment:

Many years ago, my Suburban ran out of gas on the corner of Hance and River Road. I was late to pick up my kids from school and didn’t stop for much needed tank fill. Embarrassed by my negligence, but concerned over my car blocking the busy intersection, I called FH police. At the time, Officer Lehnert came to my rescue with a can of gas, a good dose of humor and a quiet calm that made me feel like an idiot for shedding useless tears. Regrettably, the hustle and bustle of my life kept me from writing my well-intentioned note of thanks. Here it is…thank you for your kindness, your professionalism and your sense of humor.

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