keelerCouncil President William Keeler is filling the role of mayor while Maria Fernandes recovers from a mild stroke. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


Sea Bright Mayor Maria Fernandes is in a rehabilitation center after suffering a mild stroke about two weeks ago, officials said Tuesday.

Council President William Keeler is filling in for Fernandes, as he has the last three council meetings, until she’s well enough to return to the dais.

seabright1b1Fernandes, 58, had a bad reaction to a medication she was given following foot surgery, borough Administrator Maryann Smeltzer said, and it led to a mild stroke.

“She’s moving along nicely, but she needs a little time to recuperate,” Smeltzer said. “She’s moving along though.”

Councilwoman Dina Long said she speaks daily with Fernandes, who is doing borough work from the rehab facility. She said Fernandes is in good spirits and still has energy to continue as mayor.

“So if you haven’t gotten the calls, she just hasn’t gotten to you yet,” Long said.

Fernandes has one year left on her term as mayor. Prior to heading the borough, she served on the council for 11 years.

Long said at this pace, Fernandes may return as mayor in as soon as two weeks.

“It’s good news she’s doing so well,” Keeler said.