dscf3003The White Street municipal lot will be discussed as the site for a revamped parking area. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


Earlier this week, Red Bank Mayor Pasquale Menna said he would “stick his neck out” and restart talks on the possibility of a new parking deck getting built downtown, an idea that has proven highly divisive in the past.

More specifically, he talked about appointing a committee to examine alteratives to “surface parking” at the White Street municipal lot, as well as new metering technologies and green initiatives.

What that all means isn’t quite clear yet. But redbankgreen responded by sticking its notebook and camera out to ask people what they think of the suggestion.

On the official front, Red Bank RiverCenter Executive Director Nancy Adams said the borough needs to address the parking shortage while adding much-needed revenue.

“Of course, we would be supportive and work with the borough to achieve that long-awaited parking garage,” she said. “We want it to be something that would be a benefit to the business community, but also the residents.”

Responses from locals and business owners after the jump.


“They very well need it. The people can’t park, they can’t come to town.” — Lou Cohen, Middletown


“I would love to have a parking deck in the White Street lot. It would be huge. I don’t think it’ll solve all of Red Bank’s problems. It’s not a panacea. There are other things we need in town, too.” — Dori Kershner, owner, Wooly Monmouth


“More parking is better if you want to bring more people into town to enjoy what the town has to offer. You should do it, but you have to look at the cost.” — Zach Levine, 24


“They brought it up twice. It got shot down twice. The public doesn’t want it, therefore you have to go private. That’s not even a plausible thing, to say you’re going to build a garage in this economy. You’ve got to be realistic. With all due respect, it’s all pie in the sky.” — Joseph Cerasa, owner, Caesar’s Creations


“I hate coming into Red Bank because it’s a pain to find parking. If it helps that, then it’s good.” — Jessica Katz, Tinton Falls


“Do you need a parking deck? Maybe for events. Or if they bring in some national chain, then definitely. We needed one about eight years ago, absolutely.” — Gary Sable, owner, That Hot Dog Place