Some shots from the central Red Bank taken before dawn Wednesday. To enlarge the photo display, start it, then click the embiggen symbol in the lower right corner. To get back to redbankgreen, hit your escape key.

The man in charge of clearing Red Bank’s streets called Tuesday night’s snowfall of about ten inches “average” and said his crews had opened all borough streets by 7a.

“We were lucky,” said public utilities director Gary Watson. “We got less than forecast. This is pretty average.”

The snow was also lighter than that which fell in the blizzard of December 26-27, which paralyzed the town for days.

Watson told redbankgreen that while many residents heeded police requests to get cars off the streets during the latest snow, there were still “a lot” of cars impeding plows from clearing streets curb-to-curb.

No cars were found to have been stranded, in contrast to last month’s blizzard, he said.

Watson said that by early morning, all streets were open, and many were clean down to the asphalt. All municipal parking lots were clear, and at 7a, shovelers were mustering to clear public walkways.

He said plows would be out most of the day “pushing back corners” where crossing plows had left snow.