Thirty vehicles were broken into on the west side of Fair Haven Monday morning, police said.

Loose change, personal credentials, jewelry and credit cards were taken in the thefts, which occurred in the morning and throughout Monday, Detective Jesse Dykstra said.

All of the vehicles were unlocked, he said.

Police received 19 reports Monday of vehicles that were broken into, mainly in the area of River Road and Lake Avenue, Dykstra said. Because some households have more than one car, police determined a total of 30 vehicles had been entered.

This is the second report of a string break-ins in Fair Haven, though on a much larger scale. Two young men were suspected of breaking into and stealing from cars on Park Drive and Park Place at the beginning of the month. Police hadn’t received any other reports of break-ins until Monday.

While there’s no clear explanation for the crimes, Mayor Mike Halfacre said, “there’s been a lot of that going on” in the area.

“I think that’s a reflection on the economy,” he said.

Thirty break-ins, he said, is an unusually high number, especially for Fair Haven. Dykstra said this is the most he’s  seen in his six years with the department.

Police strongly urge residents to lock their doors.

As police continue to investigate, the department asks that anyone with information contact Dykstra at 732.747.0241, extension 332.