A conflict over a 12-year-old resident’s request to keep six pet ducks in her Fair Haven back yard has attracted the probing lens of Ledger Live.

And a critical essay by a columnist.

In a video posted Sunday, Star-Ledger video reporter Brian Donohue ducks his camera under branches and stands stock-still in a driveway in an attempt to verify complaints by South Woodland Drive neighbors that Nicole Stover’s ducks are too loud and their pen unsightly.

Donohue’s conclusion? “The potential for persnicketiness of many suburban American homeowners” is easily underestimated.

Separately, Sledger columnist Mark Di Ionno also weighs in. He visits, and hears a barking dog, a kid practicing lacrosse, other kids skateboarding and playing basketball, a lawn service at work — all making far more noise than the ducks.

“Truth is,” he writes, “compared to other noise in the neighborhood, the guttural babbling of ducks is a more pacifying, natural sound, closer to that of the murmuring brook in the ravine in Stover’s backyard.”

Roll tape… and if you missed redbankgreen‘s initial report on this flap, it’s right here.