secret-stashThe Broad Street store will serve as the setting for an unscripted series. (Click to enlarge)

From ‘Jersey Shore‘ to ‘Jersey Store,’ the reality TV juggernaut continues…

Kevin Smith‘s Red Bank emporium, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, a magnet for comic book fans and camera-toting devotees of the filmmaker himself, has been greenlighted as the locus of an unscripted series.

Six one-hour episodes of the show, with working title “Secret Stash,” have been ordered by AMC, home of ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Breaking Bad‘ and ‘The Walking Dead,’ according to a post on Smith’s Silent Bob Speaks website.

Smith, who got a toehold on fame with the no-budget breakout film ‘Clerks,’ will be executive producer of the series, which aims to capture the vibe of a neighborhood comic book shop and celebrate ‘fanboy‘ culture, as aficionados interact with employees in the store, according to a description posted on the site.

An announcement by AMC says the show also “captures the fun and emotion” of buying and selling collectibles.

The show is expected to feature the likes of Robert Bruce, a borough-based dealer in vintage comic books, records and toys who reports on Facebook that he’s been told he’ll be involved.

The show is scheduled for launch early in 2012.