A video listing for the Weinberg estate. Below, Max Weinberg at a Middletown planning board hearing in August. (Photo by Stacie Fanelli. Click to enlarge)

[See update at bottom of article]


max-weinberg-080311Four months after winning an OK to re-subdivide his estate, Bruce Springsteen drummer Max Weinberg has again put the Middletown spread up for sale.

And he’s dropped his asking price by more than 10 percent from a year ago, according to the Friday’s Wall Street Journal, which first reported the offering.

The listing covers a 16.2-acre parcel including, the Journal reports,

an 8,900-square-foot home with six bedrooms, an in-law suite with a separate kitchen, a wine cellar with a dining room and a movie theater with a lobby concession stand. The property also has a guest house as well as a horse barn with a recording studio that has cathedral ceilings.

The parcel, which was listed at $6.5 million a year ago, can now be had for $5.9 million, confirms Caitrin Matkiwsky of Coldwell Banker’s Rumson office, who has the listing.

Matkiwsky tells redbankgreen that the main house and accessory structures, minus seven acres and a barn, can also be had  for $4.45 million, down from $4.875 million.

The house property was the subject of a subdivision do-over last summer that sharply divided the town’s planning board.

Not yet listed are three additional lots of about 6.5 acres each created by a 2003 subdivision. Matkiwsky says they may hit the market in February. Those lots were listed together at $22 million in 2008, but got no takers.

[Update, December 19, 2011: Though redbankgreen has a policy against removing published material, astute readers may have noticed that the video above has been changed several times, and we think we should explain why.

The story went up last Friday after a phone interview with the agent, Caitrin Matkiwsky, who referred us to a YouTube video of the house. The video we published, however, was not the one she had in mind, and the one she had in mind was a Vimeo post that was vastly better: an actual interior videotaped tour of the house that was more than 12 minutes long. So to correct what was clearly an error in communication, we swapped in the Vimeo video late Friday.

Today, Matkiwsky informed us that Weinberg, who had previously seen and approved the video, objected to the publication of the video on security grounds and asked that it be pulled from the web until his concerns could be addressed. Considering that the video has now been yanked from Vimeo, leaving our story with a broken link, we have reverted to the original video.]