Last week’s photo showed some luscious greens in a raised vegetable bed. Did you recognize the location?

Our photo was taken in the Rumson Road, Little Silver front yard of Wendy Weiner, the Front Yard Farmer who we featured in these pixelated pages three years ago. Weiner’s agricultural skills are portable. For a fee, she’ll come to your home and teach you how to  build raised beds and tend your own little front yard farm.

Weiner helped create the vegetable and herb garden out in front of the pay-what-you-can-or-lend-a-hand Soul Kitchen on Monmouth Street in Red Bank.

Writing in were Yvonne MacDonald, Maria Sciarrino, Alicia Woods and her daughter, Jenn Woods, Karen Irvine, Joseph T. Kenney, Paul Sperber, Jeffrey Knight, Jill Ridenour, Trish DePonti, Sandra Talarico, Anna V. Higgins, Jackie Francisco Sapienza and Danielle Holter. Nearly all of them had the location right, and we thank each of them for chiming in.

Does this week’s photo (click to enlarge) ring any bells? If you know where it was taken, drop us a line, please.