For the August doldrums, a gimme.

Then again, we thought last week’s Where was unmistakable.

It showed a bright red lobster sign on a blue clapboard background. Where was it?

Boondocks in Red Bank, said some of our 30 respondents. The Lusty Lobster in Highlands. Bahr’s Landing in Highlands, and its Moby’s Lobster Deck. Joe’s Crab Shack in the Monmouth Mall parking lot.

Correct answer: Harry’s Lobster House in Sea Bright.

Thanks to all who wrote in: Erica Rubenstein, Mike Halfacre, Nancy Banta, Jenn Woods, Amanda Lynn, Tim O’Leary, Craig Widmaier, Jillian Florio, Kevin Maude, Eleanor Blass, Steve Goldsmith, Pat Pinto, Robert Benedeickson, mlaferrera, the Colmorgen Kids, Nora Coolahan, Les Hathaway, Susan Murray, Thomas Ryan, Mike Liffner, Jillian Davis, Kelly Busch, Katherine Busch, AJ Shanley, Andrew Rosen, Peggy Dengler, Sandy Talarico, Trish DePonti, Joseph Russo and Michael Welsh.

If you know Where this week’s shot was taken, please drop us an email.