For a bench we’ve rarely seen anyone sitting on, the one featured in last week’s Where sure is well-recognized.

As most of the 30 readers who wrote in knew, the bench overlooks our beautiful Navesink River at the northern terminus of Grange Avenue in Fair Haven.

Donated to the borough by longtime Red Bank Register editor and president Art Kamin and his wife, Ginnie, in honor of their five grandsons, the bench offers something hard to find in our thrumming region: a quiet place to take in a wide view and just contemplate.

Thanks to all who took a moment to write us (or, in one case, pull over in a car to tell us): former Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre; Little Silver Mayor Bob Neff; Cindy Burnham; Janice Hinchcliffe; Ellen Kelly; Amanda Lynn; Leonard Oppenheim; Greg Maloof; Judy Villa; Pandora Jacoubs; Kate Lawes; Noah Kolarsick; Jarad Plesser; Harold & Karen Trenton; John Larney; “Justin Theime;” Les Hathaway; Sue McLaughlin; Nick Lenczyk; Kevin Lyon; Kelly Busch; Pat O’Such; Lauri Boyle; Jenny Rossano; Paul McCue; Trish DePonti; Linda Presutti; Eleanor Blass; Kevin Anderson and Bob Frank.

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Here’s to a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend to all.