A comfort tent has been set up for personnel manning the blockade on the Rumson side of the Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge. (Photo by Wil Fulton. Click to enlarge)


It looked like Sandy Redux on the west side of the Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge in Rumson early Wednesday afternoon, as police and National Guard blockaded the already battered ocean community of Sea Bright with a mixture of snow and sleet already falling steadily.

Though the power of an approaching northeaster isn’t expected to carry anything near the destructive force of Hurricane Sandy, the resulting damage could be worse than usual because of its proximity to last weeks’ superstorm, particularly in ravaged communities like Sea Bright trying to pick up the pieces, officials there worry.

Councilman Read Murphy said all recovery work being done in the borough will be suspended until Thursday afternoon at the earliest.

All mobile generators being used to pump sand from the storm sewer system will be removed during the flooding to avoid any dangers, he said.

Murphy was optimistic when speaking to redbankgreen phone on Wednesday, though he knows his community is in for another round of nature’s awe-inspiring wrath.

“There will definitely be more flooding.” Murphy said. “The worst of it will occur around 3 AM Thursday morning, but we’re not quite sure how bad it will be at this point. It’s hard to say.”

Other than emergency responders and contractors associated with the recovery, only residents who stayed through Sandy and remained there afterward are permitted in town.