Mountains of sopping wet insulation sat discarded on either side of Lippincott Road in Little Silver Friday. (Click to enlarge)

In Little Silver, numerous homes were badly damaged or left uninhabitable by Hurricane Sandy on Monday night, officials said.

At her future in-laws’ home on Little Silver Point Road, Erica Marsh, of Red Bank, said the furniture had been raised up off the floor before the storm, but a surge of water from the creek in their backyard entered the house and pushed it all to one side, blocking the front door.

“They were ready for some water, but not waves and floating pianos,” she told redbankgreen.

A 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew remains in effect in town, and checkpoints have been set up at Gooseneck Bridge and Seven Bridge Road, as well as entries to flood zone neighborhoods, according to a posting on the borough website.

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Already a common sight: heaps of trash, here outside a house on Little Silver Point Road. (Click to enlarge)

Waterfront property that has seen better times. (Click to enlarge)

Hauling out the waterlogged trash on Point Road. (Click to enlarge)

A large tree was uprooted and fell on a house, also on Point Road. (Click to enlarge)

At St. John’s Episcopal Church, a cleaning crew called the Thunder Cats, from Houston, Texas, was working to clean up and do mold remediation for a wedding scheduled for Saturday.(Click to enlarge)

Photos and other personal mementos lay strewn about after the storm. (Click to enlarge)

The handiwork of a hurricane and chainsaws on Lippincott Road. (Click to enlarge)

We know how you feel, pal. (Click to enlarge)