A trailer parked along the Navesink River bulkhead in Marine Park has drawn some attention (Photo by Wil Fulton. Click to enlarge)


In a town known for its stinging $38-per-violation parking citations, some locals have been wondering: why has a recreational vehicle been allowed to remain in Red Bank’s Marine Park for several weeks, apparently without being ticketed?

Prompted by a reader inquiry, redbankgreen knocked on the door of the trailer. Getting no answer, we put in a call to Bill Wilk of the borough parking department.

According to Wilk, the trailer serves as a temporary office and occasional living quarters for an insurance claims adjuster working in the Red Bank area post-Sandy.

“The trailer will likely remain where it is til April 1st,” Wilk said. “Originally, the plan was to have it out by at least January 1st, but his work is not completed so we’re going to let him stay.”

Wilk said that the trailer occupies four or five spots, and that at this time of year, he doesn’t believe the use of those spaces is critical for residents and visitors. So far he has heard no complaints on the trailer’s presence or positioning, he said.

“The parking lot is a central location to where he is going to be working, and he’s just doing his job trying to help people affected by the storm in Red Bank and Fair Haven,” Wilk said. “He has a generator there because sometimes he’s forced to actually sleep there and needs to keep warm.”

The insurance adjuster himself remains unidentified and could not be reached for comment.