Click to enlarge this week’s Where Have I Seen This?  and tell us if you can shed any light on its location. Answer via email, please.

Last week’s day-glo chartreuse Buddha prompted 31 Where acolytes to write in and tell us they recognized the beatific guy from the lawn outside a store on Church Street in Little Silver.

Actually, one mistook it for a statue at Siam Garden restaurant in Red Bank.

Thank you all for your enlightenment: Randy Gabrielan, Tracy McMahon, Nancy Banta, LSLUX, Trish DePonti, Dustin Racioppi, Heather Anderson, Linda Presutti, Sandra Talarico, Sandra Van Sant, Mike West, Anita O’Brien, Kay Vilardi, Judy Noglows, Beth Sillen, Pamela Stockham, Ed Keighron, Lindsey Hintelmann, Margery Cohen, Rachel Munger, Stefanie Rueller, Cindy Burnham, Christine Jahnig, Kurt Christensen, Bill Normyle, Maureen Dolan, Tim Lake, Barbara Mullen, Debra Bowler, Vera Hough (who said she wishes someone would buy it so she might no longer be “creeped out” passing it) and Peggy Robinson.