Shore Chic’s ceramic shore town coasters are the most popular item in the shop. (Photo by Danielle Tepper. Click to enlarge)


In this week’s edition of Window Shopping the Green, we head over to Red Bank’s English Plaza, where Shore Chic boasts some appealing coastal coasters.

Owner Maureen Marcil says the ceramic squares, at $7 apiece, are her most popular offerings in her gifts-and-accessories shop. Each displays the name of a Jersey shore town with its geographical coordinates in a weatherbeaten typeface suggestive of seaside locales.

“Most customers will pick out a different coaster for places that mean something to them or their family,” said Marcil. “For example, a beach that they frequently visited as children, a coaster for where they go now, one for where they live, etcetera. I hear so many stories.”

Marcil has been carrying the coasters since Shore Chic opened almost three years ago, and keeps adding to the selection at customers’ requests.

“I love them, and I think most people love them because they love the shore as I do,” said Marcil. “It’s an inexpensive way to be reminded of our beautiful shore towns and, perhaps, bygone days.”

Shore Chic, at 50 English Plaza, is full of other beachy items, such as wall art, jewelry, and an abundance of wedding accessories.

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