SNIFF Pet Candles: made for dogs, but enjoyed by owners, too. (Photo by Alexis Orlacchio. Click to enlarge)


In this week’s edition of Window Shopping the Green, we follow our nose over to the Galleria Red Bank and Megan Prenderville’s Paws for a Cause pet accessory kiosk.

The kiosk features SNIFF Pet Candles – aromatherapy candles for dogs, created by Jennifer Mohr, who claims to develop scents to improve the quality of life for man’s best friend.

“These are formulated to appeal to a dog’s sense of smell,” said Prenderville. “That’s how they process all their information, through their nose.”

The SNIFF line includes eight scents: Day in the Hamptons, Fart & Away, Field of Dreams, Splendor in the Grass, Friends to the Rescue, Remember Me and Forever Home.

Each is designed for a different effect.  For example, there’s a candle intended to relieve the stress of a pooch adjusting to a new home, which the company describes as a “unique blend of clary sage, bergamot and jasmine, combined with the comforting properties of chamomile, neroli, and marjoram.” Another purports to repel bugs.

“There are different aromatics involved in every candle,” said Prenderville. “‘Fart & Away’ is a very funny title, but it does help relax the dog’s digestive system. ‘Splendor in the Grass’ is ideal for the apartment dweller – it has a lot of grassy earth tones that a dog would enjoy.”

With Mike Harper, Prenderville co-owns Frame to Please, also in the Galleria, and set up Paws for a Cause as a pet-products fundraising endeavor after her dog, Chopper, was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago.

The booth features postcards, picture frames, cat toys and more. Prenderville donates all the kiosk’s proceeds to the Save U.S. Pets Foundation, which grants money to people who cannot afford emergency medical care for their pets. Candlemaker Mohr donates portions of the SNIFF sales to several animal rescue organizations and city shelters throughout America.

“We’re fortunate where we can handle [Chopper’s] care,” she said. “But people are putting dogs down because they can’t afford it, and that’s breaking my heart.”

The candles typically burn for a period of 70 hours. Prenderville said, and “they’re completely organic, so they’re safe to burn around your pets, too.”

SNIFF candles are priced at $32 each, or $8 for a smaller size.

“What’s nice about them too is that they’re not overly scented,” Prenderville said. “The owners can enjoy them, as well.”