Pulleez hair ties on display at Posch. (Photo by Alexis Orlacchio. Click to enlarge)


This week’s Window Shopping the Green can report a double discovery: a stylish hair-bunching device that turns out to have been invented by a woman who lives practically around the corner from where we came upon it.

With its pulsing music and fuzzy zebra-print chair covers, Posch Boutique, at 113 East River Road, stands out in the quiet and conservative Borough of Rumson.  It’s a kind of one-stop women’s shop, featuring designer brand accessories, perfumes, and denim wear.

While browsing the racks, we snagged the latest craze in hair accessories, Pulleez ponytail holders, and were delighted to learn they were created by Rumson resident Diana Wright.

Wright tells Window Shopping the idea for Pulleez struck her when she was working as a producer during Fashion Week.

“I needed something to hold up the models’ hair backstage without leaving creases,” she said. So she developed a functional yet fashionable hairband that pairs a fiber-encased rubber band with a slide-and-lock mechanism.

“I had wondered why nobody had created it before, so I created it,” Wright said.

Wright brought her product to Fashion Week 2012 in New York and found quick success. “Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue was the first store to pick us up and start carrying our item,” she said, adding that she’s in negotiations with other retailers to carry the line.

“They’re easy to use,” said Posch store owner Megan Mosera. The elastic is looped through a pulley system and has crystal or metal charms embellishing the ends, adding a bracelet-like quality. Wright’s design is currently awaiting patent approval.

“We sell a lot of these as gift items,” said Mosera. “You would think we sell more to younger girls, but I sell more to young moms. A lot of people just want something trendy.”

The bedazzling hair bands come in a variety of colors and range in price from $18 to $26. Those with crystal charms are more expensive, Mosera.