The Pop Phone merges old and new telecom features. (Photo by Alexis Orlacchio. Click to enlarge)


Travel back in time and answer the call on the POP Phone from Lucki Clover, a women’s clothing and accessory shop on Broad Street in Red Bank.

Window Shopping the Green finds the newest cellular accessory disguised as an old-fashioned telephone handset that boasts quality-improving features.

The POP Phone is a fairly new concept that marries modern technology and with a nearly outdated one: a 1950’s-inspired retro telephone receiver. Created by product designer David Turpin for Native Union, the handset allows users to easily navigate their Smartphones while talking. Using a plug that fits any auxiliary outlet, it’s designed to function with any Smartphone, notebook, or tablet.

Native Union claims the Bakelite phone reduces absorbed radiation and background noise, improving the sound quality for a ‘crystal clear’ conversation.

“They’re good for offices and if you work at home,” said Lucki Clover manager Gina Cittadino. “And they’re cute.”

The handset is a pretty hot item at the boutique, she said, and popular with all ages – and both genders.

“My friend’s dad has one. It works really well,” said store employee Morgan Rue. “My dad said if he worked from home, he’d invest in one of these.”

Cittadino said the device normally reaches peak sales around the holidays. “It’s usually around Christmas. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day last year we sold a lot of them,” she said. “I got one for my dad for Christmas. He loves it.”

The POP Phone sells for $29.99.